The Kiribati Project

The Kiribati Project arose as a documentary film cooperation between Studio Kalliope and the Kameradists.

During our ten-month stay on the islands of the Republic of Kiribati we inform you on the Blog about the shooting’s progress. The completed documentary film in 2019  will premiere in international cinemas.

The Kiribati Project in many respects differs from classical film productions. Particulary because people of Kiribati decisive will contribute to the film. We call it participatory documentary. Look forward with pleasure. More about the concept you can read in the article They do not give way to the waves.

Here you can watch the pitching video for the film.

We extend warm thanks to camera operator Raimon Kataotao und Mike Roman from the “Humans of Kiribati” for the material they shared with us for the pitching video.