Yokwe, Iakwe, dear workshop people! In this section we link you the Software that we are using in our editing workshops. We use Lightworks (Link) for editing, Xmedia-Recode (Link) for recoding the material (this includes producing the Proxy), Media-Info (Link) as a general tool to identify issues with the material, Free Commander (Link) for renaming files (and to back them up), Subtitle Edit (Link) for subtitling and Audacity (Link) for editing audio material.

All of these programs are available with a freeware version, provide you with an English interface and will (with the exeption of Xmedia-Recode and Subtitle Edit) run on PC as well as on a Mac. If you own a Mac we recommend using Handbrake as an alternative for recoding (Link). When is comes to subtitling – we are clueless what freeware to recommend on a Mac. If you have an idea, please let us know.