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Maria Kling

The Studio Kalliope GmbH was founded in October 2015 by Marc-Uwe Kling. In spring 2016 the studio produced the first season of a tv-show called “Bühne 36” (engl. “Stage 36”) for the local tv-station rbb.
The most recent project “Por los Camiones del Sur” by Sven Kirschlager and Sirio Magnabosco was celebrating its premiere at the WORLD FILM FESTIVAL MONTREAL in august of 2017.

Maria Kling

was born in 1981, in Potsdam. She studied Media and Communication Studies with focus on journalism on the Free University of Berlin.
She worked as procution assistent at Filmbüro Potsdam and lateron for many years at the broadcast station Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg. Since 2015 she is the managing director of the Studio Kalliope.


Christina SchulzeChristina Schulze

born in 1991 in Rüdersdorf near Berlin. After school she wanted to see more of the world and went to Nicaragua as a volunteer for one year. Back in Germany she studied Cultural and Social Anthropology and Latin American Studies at the University of Hamburg. Beside her passion for the cultures of Latin America she got involved with documentary filmmaking.
“Heute noch Besetzer?” (Still rebellious?) was her first documentary about the people who in the eighties occupied the “Hafenstrasse” in Hamburg which has become a symbol of leftist activism and resistance against gentrification. She worked at TIDE TV a community tv station as a trainee. She gained journalistic experience writing articles for the online news magazine amerika21 concerned with Latin America.

Claudia SkoddaClaudia Skodda

(in the team until June 2018) was born in 1968 in Berlin. She studied English and German literature and history in Frankfurt/Main and in Glasgow. For many years she is working as project and product manager in the field of e-learning.
She concerns herself with all facets that are important in this context, such as graphics, audio, technical environments, didactic, language(s), customer relation and above all to coordinate all the different crafts for a happy ending of each project.

Viviana UrionaViviana Uriona

was born in 1973 in Pergamino which is part of the Province of Buenos Aires. She is living in Germany since 1996. She graduated in political science, studying first at the University of Cologne, later at the Free University of Berlin. At the University of Potsdam, she is currently finishing her doctorate in social movements and community radios in Latin America. Uriona is a former Rosa Luxemburg Foundation fellow. She was a member of Attac Germany and chairwoman of Attacs Council. During the G8-Protests (2009/Kopenhagen) she managed the mediacenter and produced radiofeatures. Until 2011 she was a member of the board of the federal Association of Free Radios (BFR). She is a member of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE). She is engaged in the free radio scene, both in Germany and in transnational projects.
Selected publications: // „Argentinien: Kampf um die Gegenhegemonie in der Mediendemokratie“ In: L. Gabriel/H. Berger „Lateinamerikas Demokratien im Umbruch“ Mandelbaum Verlag, Wien 2010 // „Moralische Ökonomie und solidarische Wirtschaften in der argentinischen Gesellschaft“ In: E. Altvater/N. Sekler (Hg.) Solidarische Ökonomie. Reader des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats von Attac, Hamburg 2006.
Selected radio reports: //„Demonstrationsrecht in Deutschland – ein politisches und menschenrechtliches Feld“ //„Bildung als Menschenrecht in Argentinien: Die Bleistifte schreiben weiter

Mark UrionaMark Uriona

was born in 1975. He learned how to walk in Mozambique and was raised in East Germany. During an exchange year in the U.S.A., a very special person lent him an old Nikomat that he never gave back. Wagner went nuts on photography. But he did not believe that it could earn any bread. He studied law and works as a research consultant for a member of parliament. He writes speeches, essays, newspaper articles, and is learning the business of politics, which he has never come to like. With Chris Fischer he founded the “Kameradists” in 2011. Wagner is a member of the editorial staff of the “Prague Spring”, has worked for “Geo Season”, the project “Bosnian voices” and the Helmholtz Association and is publishing a selection of his photographs at www.kameradist-wagner.de