A short month

Today we sent a copy of the footage from Majuro (RMI) to our production company “Studio Kalliope” in Potsdam (Germany). The little package in the video below has it all. It contains 8 hard disks, each with 5 TB of video material and audio recordings, therefore 40 TB of data and an HD proxy on two additional hard disks. If one were to watch all video recordings without interruption one after the other, one would need more than two weeks to see it all, we have calculated. The package is now on its way to Hawaii. From there it reaches a postal distribution center in the US and then it flies across the Atlantic to a cool european fall, where a DHL messenger will one gray autumn morning hand it over to Maria Kling at the garden fence. Good trip, small package! Do not get lost.



On the 2nd of December we start our journey home. We will use the remaining time for the rough cut, for the completion of some videos for this blog and of course for the preparation of our departure. We leave a large part of our equipment in the country. We donate it to the groups with whom we performed the film workshops, so that they can continue to work with the medium of film after we have left.

A short month remains for us to say farewell to this peaceful, friendly and always summer-warm world. It’s hard for us to say goodbye. Especially the people we met thru our joint work that we came so close to, they will be missed. We will probably have to come back soon. What else?


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